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How to make a cup of tea

Making a cup of tea is as much as science as an art. Follow our guide and make the perfect cup of tea for you.

Green tea and cancer

Can green tea really prevent cancer? Green tea is not a drug, but read on why you should drink green tea to prevent cancer.

How much green tea should you drink

How much green tea is too much? How much should you drink? We dug deep and now find out how much green tea you should drink.

Youth and green tea

Green tea is believed to be an elixir of youth. Combating disease and basically having super powers! Read on to read the truth.

  • How to make a cup of tea
    If you are going to drink green tea you want to drink it properly. The Japanese have a whole tea ceremony which can take up to four hours! The Japanese actually go to special classes to learn how to do this ritual correctly. However you don’t have to learn the Japanese Tea Ceremony in order to drink green tea! … Read more …
  • What is matcha green tea affogato
    Matcha Green Tea Affogato Matcha green tea affogato is the simplest and most blissful east-west fusion dessert combining the prized Japanese matcha green tea with Italy’s finest gelato. Heavenly! Matcha Green Tea Affogato – Simplest and most blissful east-west fusion dessert combining the prized Japanese matcha green tea with Italy’s finest gelato. The word affogato … Read more …
  • How to Make Delicious Iced Tea Using Gourmet Teas
    According to the U. S. Tea Association, 85% of tea consumed in the US is iced.   Unfortunately, the bulk of the iced tea consumed is made of low quality tea, such as the iced “tea” you find in fast food establishments.   Their tea is often made of tea-flavored syrup.   Many people also … Read more …
  • What You Need To Know About Green Tea Nutrition
    Many people would argue that there really is not much to green tea nutrition. After all, its just plain tea leaves soaked in water. That is not necessarily so. Coffee and other herbal infusions are also beverages soaked in water and these too have physiological effects when ingested in fair quantities. Recent years have seen … Read more …
  • Can Green Tea Prevent Cancer?
    Scientists aren’t quite ready to come right out and anoint green tea as a method of cancer prevention, but evidence continues to mount about the brew’s ability to protect against the Big C. Now, a new study has been published in the American Association for Cancer Research’s journal Cancer Prevention Research which says that green tea may fight oral … Read more …
  • How much green tea should you drink?
    According to the ancient Chinese, green tea has many medical benefits including treating headaches and depression. It’s been used as a medicine in China for at least 4 centuries and is now fairly recently gaining popularity in western countries as a way to live a healthier life. The Science Behind Green Tea The health benefits … Read more …

My grandparents lived well into their 90’s. Green tea was a huge part of their lives, and this site exists because of the passion for tea they instilled in me. I hope you enjoy reading the many science based articles, interviews and information.

– David Kartuzinski