Green tea nutrition

What You Need To Know About Green Tea Nutrition

Many people would argue that there really is not much to green tea nutrition. After all, its just plain tea leaves soaked in water. That is not necessarily so. Coffee and other herbal infusions are also beverages soaked in water and these too have physiological effects when ingested in fair quantities. Recent years have seen many doctors and scientists delving into the healthful benefits of green tea.

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Although a few claims are still quite questionable (like the ancient belief that green tea cures people afflicted with the beriberi disease,) there are purported assertions that have been finally established by science. At the same time, there are new medical possibilities currently being explored. Here are some examples of the proven benefits of green tea nutrition.

1. Green tea has high levels of antioxidants. According to the studies, drinking 4 to 5 cups of green tea per day can help increase the supply of flavonoids in the human blood; which in turn, slows down the ravaging effects of oxidation or cell decay. One flavonoid, particularly that of a polyphenol compound called EGCg, is found abundantly in green tea. It is said that EGCg has 20 times the potency of vitamins C and E when it comes to the providing rich supplies of antioxidants in the blood.

When taken in proper amounts, antioxidants helps slow down the aging process to a certain degree. This can help delay visible sign of aging like wrinkles or gray hair. The antioxidants in green tea may even delay the onset of bodily aches and pains associated with growing old.

2. Green tea is known to increase the fat oxidation process, which is an essential aid in weight loss management. Fat oxidation is the process where in the food we digest is eventually turned into essential energy for the body. By increasing this process, more energy is expended by the body, helping burn up the unwanted pounds easier. This link between green tea and its fat oxidation process is probably the reason why people have always believed that drinking this beverage helps eliminate fatigue and promotes boosts of energy.

3. Regular consumption of green tea and green tea products is also quite beneficial to people who have diabetes or anyone who wishes to control their blood sugar level – either for health reasons or for weight management. According to recent studies, green tea promotes insulin sensitivity which is necessary especially after meals, when there is an increased amount of essential sugars introduced in the blood stream.

As many of you know, diabetics (especially those with Type 2 diabetes) usually have insulin resistance, and cannot process these sugars just as readily as everyone else. The ingestion of green tea helps create an internal atmosphere where insulin is more readily absorbed by the blood and finally converted into usable energy. With insulin sensitivity, there is also a higher level of glucose tolerance, where the body correctly uses the glucose acquired from the food that is consumed. Glucose is the main “diet” of the brain.