Who Else Wants To Experience Weight Loss With Green Tea?

Weight loss with green tea is finally coming to light, especially now that there are so many people obsessing about finding “new” pound shedding options. Green tea in itself is not a new product. People from all over the world have been enjoying both the mild taste and the healthful benefits of green tea for more than 5,000 years already. That is as far back to the time when this tree was finally cultivated in Chinese plantations for “commercial” use. Even then, there were already many medicinal benefits associated with the drink, like preventing fatigue, helping control blood sugar, and even promoting digestion.

According to recent studies, freshly brewed green tea has high concentrations of antioxidants, which can help retard cell aging. Antioxidants can contribute greatly to helping keep our bodies looking and feeling young. This is probably the scientific explanation why the ancient people thought that green tea was the perfect drink to combat fatigue. Aside from that, recent findings also claim that drinking several cups of green tea a day helps improve insulin sensitivity, which in turn helps keep blood sugar at normal levels. However, the main buzz around green tea these days is its apparent use as a weight loss option.

Fat Oxidation

In view of that, it has been noted that regular intake of this beverage promotes fat oxidation, or the decay of fats in the body. The studies indicate about 17% increase in fat oxidation rate. Now here is where everything goes controversial. People simply assimilate these findings and take it as the Bible-truth that consuming enough green tea will shed off the pounds in no time – and then become disappointed when they don’t see the pounds sloughing away as they hoped.

The truth is: the process of fat oxidation is not that simple. It’s not as if the digestive process is two-step process; like when you eat fatty foods, they attach themselves whole into your body parts, thus becoming the fatty rims on your waist and hips. Additionally, drinking green tea does not mean that those attached fats will simply disappear in a fizzle.

Calories are also known as “food energy” or the energy our bodies derive from consuming food. Everyday, we consume calories which we eventually use in order to function in our daily lives. We use up calories when we do simple tasks like performing household chores, or walking up a flight of stair or even just going about our business at work. Nonetheless, when we consume too much food, so much so that we can not expend all those calories, then that is when we pack on the pounds.

How Green Tea Helps

As stated earlier, green tea promotes fat oxidation by about 17%. That means, the body is spurred to burn more calories at a faster rate.

Supposing that climbing one flight of stairs can help burn off 100 calories; when you regularly take green tea as a supplement to your weight loss program, you then burn off 117 calories. The bottom line here is that fat oxidation, all that food energy (or calories, if you will) need to have an outlet – some activity where it can be released. Exercise is always the best alternative. Incredibly, any exercise will do, just as long as you do keep on moving.